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March 11, 2021

Here at Mastering My Finances, We believe in Empowering. The one thing that sets us apart is that we truly understand personal finance. *Personal Finance * is just that, ​​ P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L. It’s about knowing yourself, your habits, set of beliefs, your desires, your discipline, your income ability, your liabilities, your age and geographic location. We are not here for a cookie cutter solution, most gurus or financial “influencers” will tell you to “skip your morning Starbucks”, or “cancel your gym membership” (insert eye rolling emoji here), the problem is phrases like these are just Band-Aids for a wound, trust me, you will NOT get rich by canceling your Netflix subscription. Periodtt. The best thing people can do, is to become financially educated. Don’t let banks, brokers or someone with a following on Instagram guide all of your decisions. Find out what will truly work for you and empower yourself. 

 Our philosophy is simple : ​

​NOONE should tell you what TO DO with YOUR hard earn money, we are here to EMPOWER you, to become your own #MoneyCEO with the proper tools, knowledge, and resources, to help you get from point A to point B. There is no right or wrong way to SPEND your money, there is however a strategic way to build wealth while being able to live a comfortable well-balanced lifestyle that aligns with your goals.  

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