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About Us

We help empower your goals.

Our founder, Aniza Fajardo, has an extensive background in the finance industry. After working in the finance industry as a life insurance agent Aniza quickly realized there was a huge need to help people form better habits with their spending.

“I was being a financial coach before I even knew that was a thing and then when the pandemic hit I realized people how many people weren’t financially prepared”.

She then founded Mastering My Finances, a platform and community dedicating to helping people elevate their net-worth by providing financial education, tools and support. 

I focus on helping people understand themselves and their money and how it affects them, and the psychology behind why they do what they do, all while helping them align their financial habits to their goals.

I bought my first house when I was 21 while I was still paying for my college tuition out of pocket. I was working a government job and I was not making anything near six figures. 

People making twice as much as me were always complaining about never having enough money, and I was always the go to friend for financial perspective.

My major is finance. I have always just really been into it since I was little. My specialty is giving every dollar a job.

Our Philosophy

To help you build your best life, our job is to get our clients from where they are to where they want to be financially.


Our goal is to empower you to become your own money CEO by building the appropriate habits and knowledge to grow your net worth by your ideal age.


Our vision is to help millions to elevate their financial well being that’ll allow them to build their best life.


Aniza helped me organize my finances, and gain control of my money. I no longer have to pay for an overdraft,  when I used to overdraft couple times a month, above many other things I feel confident now with my finances.

Beatrice W.

Aniza helped me find the right balance on properly managing my money, living below my means while still having enough freedom to enjoy my money and my coffee, I was surprised to see I actually have money in my bank account.

Sammy R.

Ever since working with Aniza I have had clarity on where to start, and where to go with my money based on my goals. I love knowing my money is going towards my future, and she helped me understand the value of investing and where to start, and what questions to ask.

Stephen S.

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